Winter 2010 New Collection Launch
Some projects are about responding to a local culture and doing it overnight. BoConcept is a high end furniture brand that pioneers the arrival of the Modern look in Malta. Trouble is that industry guidelines demanded that the Brand be portrayed in such a way that clashed with local perceptions - it was seen as cold, unapproachable and overly expensive. With a new collection due next week, the suppliers requested a quick ad to promote it, but all stock was still being shipped so there was nothing to film or photograph.

This ad was built to remind people there is more to furniture than it's looks using simple editing techniques that allowed our team to get it to the television stations on time. The GoToBo call to action was created for the use in subsequent radio spots.
Concept: Adam Brimmer
Art Direction: Adam Brimmer
Post Production: Neville Attard
Sound Engineer: Andrew Christie
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